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40 Means 60 More Years

When I was a kid, I was afraid of becoming an adult. I believe the adults you are surrounded by as a child (and to be truthful, also as an adult) will help shape who you become. Many of the adults who surrounded me seemed to have let pieces of them die before the age of 30. Because of this, I had a “live hard, die young” mentality. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

There are piles of research discussing the effects of your surroundings and how it affects who you will turn out to be. This goes beyond extreme reactions such as violent behavior or abuse. There are more subtle behaviors and attitudes towards life. How does it impact you to be surrounded by people who are lazy, lack ambition, or have given up their dreams due to fear? You don’t have to be beaten down to be broken by the people around you.

“You’re Too Old To Do That”

One of the biggest frustrations inhibiting your happiness in life is being made to feel you are too old to do something. This can be maddening. If you aren’t willing to follow the standard lifestyle guide which leaves you settled by the age of 30, you can expect questioning and opposition from society. Over a certain age, usually around 30, you aren’t supposed to dance, wear fashionable clothing, go to concerts, stay involved in pop culture, try out for a sports team, train aggressively, date, or attempt to achieve any new dreams. Apparently, there was a memo released, and if you didn’t do it or plan it by the age of 30 you are out of luck and it is game over.

Not So Fast

I don’t agree.  I think putting age restrictions and time limits to life is not only sad but dangerous to humanity and the very growth of our souls. Loss of hope can take people to a very dark place in their lives. The only things that conquer fear are education, action, and hope. Without these, you are merely running on the hamster wheel of life. I don’t know about you, but I will be settled only when my last heartbeat beats; until then I will be moving.

How you are as you get older is no different then how you are now. Afraid of being alone in your old age? You should be, especially if you are alone now. Afraid of being grumpy and full of regret? It a reflection of how you live your life now. I’ve worked with seniors, and I saw how often our lives are the same regardless of our age with a few exceptions due to general health restrictions. Being lonely in old age means you were most likely lonely throughout your life—but you can change this anytime. You can’t live fully while having a negative attitude toward other people, your life, and what defines you.

40 Means 60 More Years

I say this to people I train all of the time, even my father. Limiting ourselves to live to the age of 100 downplays our abilities as science and our hearts are always advancing; but for now, it’s a nice round number to shoot for. If you read this and you say, “Oh my god, I don’t want to live to be 100!” then you aren’t living now and you may be basing the value of your life on the wrong things. It isn’t about vanity and sex, although those things don’t have to vanish. Life can take you many directions if you are open and allow it to.

The point is to look at the big picture. Don’t wait. Start now. Embrace your age and don’t be confined or defined by it. In the future, I will explain how to optimize training for different ages on a more detailed level. Just remember, no matter how old you are right now, you are living the best years of your life. And I know I will live a life in which I am constantly told to learn to “act my age.” I look forward to doing just that.


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