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55 Fitness Gifts You Will Beg People to Give You

Be it for a holiday, birthday, or anniversary—these gifts are sure to please yourself and others. There is something here for everyone and in every price range. If you would like to see something else included in this post, please feel free to list it in the comment section.

Presents $1.00-$30.00

Black High Density Foam Roller $8.97-$24.95

Progression is as important for myofascial release as it is for training. If you have been using a soft dented roller—it’s time to move on. These high density rollers are just what you need to advance to the next level and get out of your mundane roller routine.

Thera-Bands $10.99-$36.95

These bands are great for ankle and shoulder mobility work. There are different strengths and sizes available. I use them myself and in my client work.

The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook $16.36

This book offers a wealth of information while being incredibly easy to understand and read. If you are dealing with body pains (while not an instant cure), this is a great start to connecting the dots.

Ultimate Warrior Workouts: Fitness Secrets of the Martial Arts $22.85

For the badass in your life (that could be you).

Valslides $29.95

Always an excellent addition, especially for those who do home based workouts. A great way to challenge yourself without the addition of extra weight.

Wordlock PL-004-BK 5-Dial Padlock $8.84

For the brainier gym goer or bike rider.

Free-Up Massage Cream $18.35

Great for all skin types and when you need repeated daily use. Also, a welcome relief for a partner who hits your hard-to-reach spots.

Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training $20.89

If you don’t have this already, you should. Great place for someone starting out to begin.

Stretch-Out Strap with 40 Page Booklet $15.95

Great way to get you through relaxed static stretching work without the aid of a partner.

Superbands $10.95-$36.95

Superbands have many uses: pull-up support, weight resistance, and agility drill assistance. Best of all they have super in the name.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar $27.00

The king of doorway pull-up bars that won’t break the bank.

Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle $7.00-$31.45

Be kind to the environment while keeping your water cold.

STX Six Pack of Assorted Color Lacrosse Balls $19.99

If you do soft tissue release work and the tennis ball you’re using becomes too easy, it is time to upgrade your tools. Lacrosse balls make a great and cheap transition. If you purchase a six pack, you can pass a few around to your friends as well.

Lee Hayward Heavy Grips $17.95 and Up

These are not cheap hand grippers. They take grip training to the next level.

PhitGrips $9.99

Paranoid about gym germs? Here is your answer.

MyoTape Body Tape Measure $5.28

Great for those who self measure. The MyoTape locks so you can wrap yourself for a tight measurement every time. Membership $9.95 per month

Cookbooks, programs, group support, and me. Could you ask for more for less than $10 bucks?

Gymboss Interval Timer $19.95

One or two different time intervals can range from 2 seconds to 99 minutes.

H2O Audio Surge Sportwrap & Waterproof Sport Headphones $23.95

One of the few audio cases that protects your MP3 player properly. Make sure to get their headphones or the connection won’t be secure.

Fitbook: fitness + nutrition journal $22.95

Environmentally friendly training and nutrition journal. For those weird people that still like paper (myself included).

FitDeck Fitness Cards $9.95 and up

FitDeck is a unique deck of 56 playing cards containing illustrations and instructions describing over 50 different exercises, stretches, and movements. Bodyweight training, intervals, etc.

Brainy Gear $17.99 and up

Welcome to the creative and humorous side of Alan Aragon. I would like the Jurassic in small please.

Buddy Lee’s Rope Master Jump Rope $27.95

Buddy Lee and jump roping go together like white on rice. Get it.

Complete Krav Maga: The Ultimate Guide to Over 230 Self-Defense and Combative Techniques $15.46

Truth be told, you can’t learn a fighting art from a book but something is better than nothing, and this delivers the self-defense and fighting techniques easier than most I have found.


Presents $30.00-$75.00

Body By Boyle Online $39.97 per month

Constantly updated with new content for trainers and trainees. I have no doubt about Mike’s ability or passion to exceed people’s expectations. Check it out.

Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale $49.99

The scale from the infamous weight video.

Freestyle Trainer $50.00

Looking for an alternative to a TRX or want to turn this into a TRX style trainer?

Nick Tumminello’s Joint Friendly Strength Training $87.00

One of my favorite products of the year, and a great addition to your library.

Power Wheel $59.95

Someone went and put straps on the exercise wheel…

First Place Kettlebells $59.95

This is a good entry level point for KBs.

SurfShelf Treadmill Desk and Laptop Holder $39.95

If you must use exercise machines for cardio—at least have something to read 😉

Target Mitts $36.95

One of my favorite pieces of cardio equipment.

Under-Vest $49.95

An affordable vest that adds evenly distributed weight to movements like push-ups and dips.

Universal Strength & Power Apparatus by BodyWeightCulture $29.99

They get the award for the worst product name ever, but it is oh so much fun to play with.

Presents $75.00-$150.00

Training Rope $102.00-$221.00

Taking momentum out and putting work in.

The Single-Leg Solution $97.00

Tons of ideas and instructions for single-leg work.

Ultimate Sandbag $80.00-$144.00

Sure you can make your own, but if you don’t feel like DIY, these are quality construction.

Vibram FiveFingers $80 and up

This little piggy…

The Core Bag $129.00

I use mine often and have not one complaint about its style, available space, or durability. In fact, it still looks brand new after all this time.

Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver With Heart Rate Monitor $129.99

Runners seem to love these puppies.

Presents $150 and Up

Blendtec Home The Professional’s Choice 1500-Watt Total Blender $399.99

This is the most badass blender in existence. It is worth the money if you are a blender enthusiast.

Bodybugg (Version 3) Calorie Management System $159.00


BodyMedia FIT (Formerly GoWear fit) $199.95

You can read comparisons and what they do here.

Garmin GPS 60CSx Handheld GPS Navigator $199.99

Never get lost while running again.

Goaler One Roll-Up Slide Boards $249.95

These things are so fun. If my gym didn’t have one, I would probably buy it for my home.

Apple iPod Classic 160 GB Black (7th Generation) NEWEST MODEL $224.00

Up to 160 GB now. I use mine for music, audiobooks, videos to take to the gym, movies, etc. Get one, you won’t regret it.

SleepTracker PRO Watch Alarm Clock Sleep Monitor Watch $174.00

This is good for those who travel a lot or change time zones. Very cool little device.

TRX Suspension Training $189.95-$269.95

I love my TRX. I also love the Freestyle trainer. You can read about both here. Until 11/29, they’re offering 25% off everything TRX with the code TRXMAS.

Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device $157.99

Great for adjusting your sleep habits, energy, or keeping seasonal depression at bay.

Gift Card Ideas:

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