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About This

First off, it is important you understand for your own safety and mine – you are on the site of a layman researcher, trainer, and author. I am not a doctor or registered dietitian. None of my site information is for individualized treatment or cures. Please read the full disclaimer before continuing the use of this site.

My “about me” has gone through quite a few regenerations. I would hope so and assume fitting because so has my own life. I guess the first thing I should let you know are the odd technical details.

My name is Leigh Peele. I was born after midnight in a small city in North Carolina. I am convinced it was the start of my being a perpetual night owl. At some point, I went to school and I didn’t agree with it or it didn’t agree with me. I somehow managed to read many of the greatest books in the english language (and tried at a few in French & Spanish). I managed to plow through years worth of research to become an important figure in my field. Sure, I keep my certification with the National Academy Of Sports Medicine up to date. I might even toy and bobble about going back to the formal road. For now, I love the unpaved road. It’s that road I learn about life, love, music, and I can even give CPR to many a furry and feathered creature.

You aren’t going to find me at any alumni parties bragging about the letters after my name, I don’t have them. Luckily, I have had the blessing of being able to work with the best in many industries. I utilize the gift of public domain information to stay well informed on what used to be “closed” topics. I continue to utilize those resources to this day. I am forever learning and forever grateful to the opportunities I have and my mentors.

I have many dreams and I have many roles. My most popular and noted role is that of a trainer, author, and coach to those who wish to embark on a greater future for their lives. At the forefront of this is usually aiding in physical transformations, mostly fat loss. But, there are many layers and levels to these transformations ranging from eating more again and body acceptance to redefining self worth and life goals. I try to help people on multifaceted levels achieve their goals and dreams. I try to help people grab what they can get out of life. In doing this I have contributed two full books – The Fat Loss Troubleshoot and Starve Mode. I have also have a group support and teaching course through The Clutch Society.

Aside from that, I was a co-host on the popular The Fitcast podcast, as well as my own former podcast Ask Leigh. I am currently producing a new podcast called You Need To Hear This. Lastly, I have been featured in books, magazines, and online websites.

I have a lot of experience in the art of metamorphosis. I have gone from a hard and troubled youth life to a happy and (mostly) peaceful adulthood. I am among the few who have said, “No. I am not going to take what life expects out of me. I am not going to travel the ordinary path. I am going to carve my own and await the new on the other side.” I’m not even supposed to be here. We aren’t supposed to be communicating right now through these waves and signals of the internet–yet here we are. Maybe latter this will link to posts that share a little more. For now know that I cheated it and I can help you cheat it too, if you want.

I train every aspect of my being to be in the best shape, mentally and physically, life and chance will allow me be. It isn’t about perfection, it will never be–it is about effort. I don’t have the lowest body fat known to man, the biggest lifts, or the fullest brain. I also don’t compare myself to other people, hide behind the fear of the unknown, or hold my tongue during the important moments in life. Which line would you rather subscribe to? I’m not afraid of food, love, or challenges. I live for music, good people, my dog and other general creatures of the world. Most of all I yearn for real connections. A connection to everything in this world from adventure to human.

What Is The Clutch Society Membership?

It isn’t normal to want to try to make something of your life. It isn’t easy either. And by “make something” I don’t mean to travel the normal and assumed roads people expect of you. I assure you there is nothing conformist about me. There is something that people neglect to mention in motivational talks and inspirational conversations – it can be lonely chasing your dreams.

People don’t really get it. They can get defensive, jealous, or good ole’ fashion judgmental. They think a fit body comes with obsessive compulsions or that ethical living is consumed with cultism. They think a real interest in self-education is boring at best or elitist at worst. I don’t mean to discourage you, I am just saying that not everyone subscribes to the notion of challenging their self-worth. You may have been one of them–it isn’t an incurable disease. It does however feel like an epidemic at times.

To clutch means to grab, grip, and grasp. I want to be part of gathering a group of people who go after life. I want to be part of a group of people who aren’t just waiting to die.

I want to surround myself with flawed human beings who are desperate to be more than who they already are. Human beings who are desperate to make this world a better place through their actions and examples. I want to be one of many leaders in the charge of taking what you want out of life and becoming the ultimate version of you – no matter who that is:


I feel a little like Anthony Michael Hall at the end of Breakfast Club. Remember, you should see yourself how you want to see yourself. You should never become a version of what someone else wants you to be. While I believe in taking care of the body, I certainly don’t subscribe to the notion that healthy only lives in reveled abs or “clean eating.” There is a lot between the world the majority media creates. There is a lot more that makes you who you are then your physical stature.

To be part of The Clutch Society is to state that you aspire to achieve the most you can achieve in life. It isn’t a cult to be sure. It doesn’t require being technically beautiful, rich, or religious. It merely requires you to give a damn about your future, your dreams, and to continue to strive for them. It requires you to not be dead on arrival because you’ve turned 40, 50, or 60. It requires you to educate yourself on the things that excite you.

We are fit, but not narcissists. We are smart, but not pompous. We are strong, but not bullies. We are kind, but not doormats. We are brave, but not stupid. We are critical, but not cynical. We are doers, not only dreamers. We are likely underdogs, but not counted out. We are the apex of personal endeavors.

To put it poetically:

“We are the music makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
And sitting by desolate streams;—
World-losers and world-forsakers,
On whom the pale moon gleams:
Yet we are the movers and shakers
Of the world for ever, it seems.”
– Arthur O’Shaughnessy

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