Aging Well: Sexy Over 40, 50, 60 and Beyond

This post was inspired by a members comment (featured in the post below) with a trainer telling her, basically, after 20 not to bother with trying to have a tight hot body. I encourage non-members to read the intro in the previous post.

This is a pretty common belief right, what this trainer said? You would think so looking at some of these quotes, even from actors who have all the goods right?

I think the older you get, the harder it is to lose weight. Your metabolism slows down. -Viggo Mortense

Around age 40 I put on twenty pounds. I had always had a perfect metabolism. But, my metabolism betrayed me as it does most people, except a very rare few who will always be thin. – Suzanne Somers

I have given up (on) having the body I had in my youth. I realize it just isn’t possible, so I have to settle for a higher weight, but I have come to terms with that. – Kirstie Alley

Yeah, I call bulls**t on all fronts. In the post below, I talk about everything you need to do in order keep your youth and get it back if you lost it. For everyone else, here are a few observations.

1. Men are no longer aging better than women.

I am putting that myth to bed, right here in this post. Sorry ladies it can’t be used as an excuse anymore. Men may still want a younger woman, but age-by-age (side-by-side) not only are you not losing, you may be taking the lead.

2. Men who take care of themselves, will blow your f**king mind.

Men have an advantage on multiple levels when it comes to aging. If they make use of that advantage, it can be insane.

3. A good ass can be had at all ages.

See: Rene Russo. I mean wtf?

4. It’s never too late.

Seriously, it’s never too late. Stop acting like your dying because you turned 40. The over the hill jokes? It’s done.

5. This takes work.

You want to be good at looking good, you have to work at it. Being smart takes effort and so does having good tastes in music, film, and clothes. While you may think it’s shallow you should think about how your looks affect your self esteem. Sometimes your least shallow dreams depend on achieving that “shallow” goal.

6. Life (and being hot) doesn’t stop at 30 anymore.

Looking for pictures of people in their 40’s was pretty pointless because they were all hot. 50’s was pretty easy too. Can we just look at Susan Sarandon or Harrison Ford in their 60’s? And before you start throwing the celebrity card at me, I assure you it isn’t an issue. How many 60 year old celebrities also look like crap? Trust me, a lot of them (I looked). It’s all the about the education, care, and effort. Is money a part of it? Not as much as you would think. What about happiness? New study says it just gets better with age. Your excuses are dead, you aren’t.

Enough words, on with the pictures.

Still think hottness, life, and sex is over after 20? Think again. Want to keep reading more about this, check out this post available to the members.

1. Madonna 51, 2. Matthew Fox 43, 3. Michelle Pfeiffer 52, 4. Johnny Depp 46, 5. Vivica A. Fox 45, 6. Richard Gere 60, 7. Susan Sarandon 63, 8. Jamie Foxx 42, 9. Lucy Liu 41, 10. Kirk Douglas 93 and John Travolta 56, 11. Donald Sutherland 74 and Clint Eastwood 79, 12. Betty White 88, 13. Julia Roberts 42, 14. Jacqueline Bisset 65, 15. Kelly Preston 47, 16. Lena Olin 55, 17. Michael Caine 77, 18. Stacey Dash 44, 19. Harrison Ford 67, 20. Halle Berry 43, 21. Sigourney Weaver 60, 22. Meryl Streep 60, 23. Selma Hayek 43, 24. Sean Connery 79, 25. Nichelle Nichols 77, 26. Morgan Freeman 72, 27. Jane Fonda 72, 28. Rene Russo 56

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