No Membership Site is Like This One.

My name is Leigh Peele. I am a trainer, author, and layman researcher. I truly believe one of my purposes in life, narcissistic or not, is to help people help themselves.

If you are here, you have likely read my blog or one of my books. Perhaps we have even worked together in person. Regardless, you likely know that my "skill" goes beyond my knowledge of achieving your body goals. I genuinely care about the people who want my help.

Many sites charge a high fee and provide computer generated content. The figureheads that run the sites are never there or take no quality control over the content published. I am there. I oversee everything that comes on the site. You may not find a bunch of animated gif exercises, or pre-preped "meal plans" but you should see that as a good thing.

I care about my members. Some of us have become legitimate friends. I treat everyone's questions or issues with the same enthusiasm I did when I opened the site.

So take a look around this page, see if it is for you, and hopefully I will see you on the inside.

-Leigh Peele

Real People Run This Site

The site wouldn't exist without the content and conversation between the members and me. While there are amazing articles, hours of audio, and full programs, it is the interaction that becomes most valuable. You can do everything from ask questions to me personally or pitch ideas for new articles.

Check out below to see just some of the testimonials from real members or participants in the members experience.


I gladly recommend Leigh to everyone I meet who asks me, "How?"

Leigh, you helped me with so many things, here just a few that I can put into writing:

1. Learning how to navigate the fear after losing weight and being terrified of gaining back.

2. Your guidance and patient explanations empowered me to lose the weight, and gain control.

3. Your cookbooks not only guided the way to some amazing eats, but inspired me to create some eats of my own.

4. Your unwavering belief and confidence in yourself, which spilled over into my life by showing me how to be confident without judgment, rudeness or cruelty.

5. As you grow and get better, I am motivated to do the same. So thanks for working hard, and giving it your all. You really do pour your heart into everything you do, and it's absolutely appreciated.

So thank you, Leigh.



Leigh has, for me, been a great ally in this journey.

In a market saturated with people who claim that they're going to be able to transform your body in two weeks if you follow their juice fast (and buy their handy-dandy supplement to put in your juice!), Leigh Peele stands out.

She doesn't make any absurd promises, and she doesn't rely on inflated expectations to motivate her clients. Rather, she provides evidence-based support for changing one's body composition. She flat-out knows a lot more about how body recomposition works, and can communicate it a lot better, than 99% of trainers out there.

She is astonishingly patient and kind, even in the face of the anxieties that her clients bring to the telephone and the bulletin boards. And her kindness and knowledgeability somehow has rubbed off on the community of helpful, smart, vulnerable, supportive people who congregate on her bulletin boards.



I no longer have to sift through all the conflicting health and fat loss information out there, wondering what's legit and what's a myth.

I am so eternally grateful to have found Leigh. She has had such a positive influence on my life. I cannot recommend Leigh highly enough!

I have now been easily maintaining a happy and healthy weight for several years, and have remained a member of Leigh's site for the fun, motivation and extra education it provides. It's a relief to have one consistent, trustworthy and helpful resource who can (and will) answer practically any fitness-related question under the sun.


Content That Literally Isn't Anywhere Else

This is not the same regurgitated dogma and protocols. Yes, there are some generic truths that are easy to relay and never change, but a lot of people miss the big picture. Here are just a few article and podcast titles.

- Fat Loss: Bridging The Technical And Emotional
- Research Club - Time For Conditioning?
- Lessons In Muscle Activation (Video)
- Podcast - Coddling Your Comfort Zone
- Recipe - Blackberry Quick Fix
- The Importance of Autonomy in Body Composition
- Much more

These are not generic "5 Foods Not To Eat" topics.


There are no fads and no gimmicks, only science, experience and great ideas.

I have been a lifelong dieter, always struggling with overeating.

It wasn't until I joined Leigh's site that I was finally able to get in the mindset to lose the last pounds of fat and get the body I have always wanted. Leigh's straightforward, no nonsense approach to fat loss and body transformation is a refreshing island in a sea of questionable fitness "experts."

She addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of weight loss with a depth of knowledge that you won't find elsewhere. Thank you, Leigh, for being the voice of reason and sanity amid the craziness of the weight loss industry.



Leigh cares. As a member of her community for three-and-a-half years, I can say that without a doubt.

I've been a part of Leigh Peele's community since the beginning. Leigh has created something unique: a safe haven where people can get to know each other, learn and share that knowledge, find support and encouragement when they need it, and get answers directly from Leigh herself. She provides unparalleled personal attention to members - through forum responses, chats, consults, and members-only blog posts and podcasts - and creates innovative challenges to keep people engaged and working toward their goals.

She is constantly seeking to learn more and in my opinion, she would not dig so deeply if she did not truly care about her members' health, well-being, and happiness. It means a lot to me.

Since discovering Leigh and joining the forums, my own fat loss and body recomp process has been a very gradual one with some ups and downs...and it's not quite done yet! But, I am confident that I will reach my ultimate goal in the coming year.



Confidence is contagious.

I joined the Screw the Scales challenge after getting myself to 230 lbs. I pushed myself beyond what I believed at the time to be my limits and I did a duathlon, I ran a 5k, biked 30k, then ran another 5k. I was beat up and broken, more than once I thought about quitting. I realized I was motivating others, I couldn't quit. I've had a few defining moments in my life, I'm not trying to be overly dramatic, but this was one of them. It would have been easy to let my replaced hips give me the easy way out, but I've never liked easy. I took home the prizes from that competition but none was bigger than self confidence.

I give credit to you [Leigh], the work that goes into maintaining your site and all the little things you do that are deeply appreciated. So many of the web sites and messages boards are a place of n-1 arguments and grandstanding that little is gained. This is the most sane, tolerant and effective (non trolled) site around, a very helpful community. Because of that first challenge I stepped outside of my comfort zone.


What Is The Clutch Society?

We are fit, but not narcissists. We are smart, but not pompous. We are strong, but not bullies. We are kind, but not doormats. We are brave, but not stupid. We are critical, but not cynical. We are the apex of personal endeavors.

To put it poetically:

"We are the music makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
And sitting by desolate streams;-
World-losers and world-forsakers,
On whom the pale moon gleams:
Yet we are the movers and shakers
Of the world for ever, it seems."
- Arthur O'Shaughnessy

We do this together. Wanna join us?


I Have Less Anxiety About Losing Weight

I'm so thankful I found Leigh and her books/website. In an industry drowning in special fad diets, super deluxe ab contraptions, and miracle supplements, finding quality, straightforward information on nutrition and fat loss is next to impossible.

After reading the Fat Loss Troubleshoot and being a member of the forum, I have a vastly improved knowledge base of fitness and nutrition. Not only are Leigh's books a great resource on the subject, but she is one of the few people I have ever come across who is an expert in metabolic adaptation and repair/recovery which is an extremely underrated and misunderstood topic regarding losing weight.

I have so much less anxiety about losing weight, my relationship with food is better, and for the first time in my life I don't feel like I'm in a hopeless battle and I really owe a huge thanks to Leigh and staff.



Working with Leigh has forever transformed my entire outlook on nutrition and exercise.

Leigh Peele has the ability to transform people's lives by simply telling the truth. Sometimes it's a harsh truth, but she's able to do it in a way that's educational, yet also compassionate. She tells you the facts about exercise and nutrition, and gives you the tools to help you determine and pursue, but more importantly to achieve your goals. out.

Her greatest talent is the amazing ability she has to connect with the reader/listener and to confront the emotional aspect of weight loss in a way that is inspiring and encouraging.

Her books, blogs, podcasts, and forums will forever be my go-to resource for both education and inspiration. I recommend that everyone on a weight loss or life changing journey read or follow Leigh Peele's work.



After losing 186 lbs, my challenge is to keep the weight off and improve fitness.

I've found Leigh Peele's sensible, evidence-based approaches to both the psychological and physiological sides of this very helpful. Especially the audio content in "Fat Loss: Bridging The Technical And Emotional," which is available to members of her site.



Leigh Peele is the cashmere sweater of fitness professionals.

I am an avid follower of her work via blog, podcasts, the Fat Loss Troubleshoot, the Fitcast podcast, and cookbooks.

I am 50 years old and have been a nutrition and fitness advocate for decades (yikes! decade is plural!!). In my opinion, Leigh Peele is the cashmere sweater of fitness professionals: timeless, modern, quality, never the wrong choice.



Leigh has helped me overcome emotional eating/binging, and helped me lose fat along the way.

I'm not even sure how or when exactly I first came across Leigh. I started listening to her podcasts every chance I could get. Leigh has a way of knowing EXACTLY what you are thinking and how you are rationalizing your behavior. Every podcast, no matter what the topic seemed to be a light bulb moment for me.

After the birth of my daughter, I placed an enormous amount of stress on myself to get back in shape. Plus trying to be super-star stay at home mom/domestic goddess equaled a seemingly endless cycle of yo-yo dieting, binging and purging. I listened to Leigh's podcast "A different look at food addiction", where she talked about feeding the "bad things in your body" by overeating. That really hit home to me.

Nothing changed overnight and there's still a long ways to go, but binges are much less frequent and I can almost predict when one is looming and head it off. She's helped me rebuild my self-confidence.



All I can say is, Leigh made me feel sane again!

I feel better than I have in a long time. Leigh is incredibly approachable and accessible on the Forums and will give you a well-informed, direct and honest answer to any of your queries. The Forum is a sane place in an increasingly extreme fitness world. Leigh is also accepting of different types of goals- she is not judgmental about what you want to achieve.

I would recommend Leigh to anyone who wants evidence-based, informed and perceptive advice. Leigh takes a holistic approach to helping you achieve your goals, whatever they are, and will support you on your journey. I was delighted to have found Leigh through word-of-mouth. And that tells you something; people hugely admire Leigh, and they pass the message on.



I really owe a huge thanks to Leigh and staff.

I'm so thankful I found Leigh and her books/website. In an industry drowning in special fad diets, super deluxe ab contraptions, and miracle supplements, finding quality, straightforward information on nutrition and fat loss is next to impossible. After reading the Fat Loss Troubleshoot and being a member of the forum, I have a vastly improved knowledge base of fitness and nutrition.

Not only are Leigh's books a great resource on the subject, but she is one of the few people I have ever come across who is an expert in metabolic adaptation and repair/recovery which is an extremely underrated and misunderstood topic regarding losing weight. I have so much less anxiety about losing weight, my relationship with food is better, and for the first time in my life I don't feel like I'm in a hopeless battle.



She takes time to answer every question and explains things very well.

I like Leigh's logical, no-BS approach to fat loss; that she doesn't subscribe to any dogma and only science. She also deals with the psychological part of fat loss, which is I feel, is the most important aspect.

Being a member of her forums is great. It makes attaining your fitness/physique goals a whole lot easier.



Leigh is an actual presence on her membership site.

She is one of the most active members and that is what makes this membership site not only successful, but a real community. Leigh works very hard to answer every question that is asked of her, and even ones that aren't. I love how involved she is with everyone and that she actually knows who her members are.

I am not a big forum person, this is honestly the only one I have ever been present on. I love this community because everyone is warm and actually cares about what is going on with each other.

As a member of Leigh Peele's team, I look forward to seeing YOU in there.

-Katie of LeighPeele.com


Leigh cares about the entire package.

I have also taken part of many of Leigh's challenges for members. They are a great way to push your body to a new level. I like how the challenges often to refer to doing deeper work within yourself - it is often not just about looking good and eating right. During one of the challenges, I won an hour long free consult with Leigh and I absolutely loved it. She gave me the "tough love" that I needed to hear!

Leigh doesn't just tell you to count calories and exercise yourself to death - she cares about your entire well being. She really makes you dig deep and analyze why you do the things you do that sabotage you from reaching your goals and your full potential.



I have to say that I feel great right now and am so excited to have reached by goal for my 40th birthday.

First off - thank you! Amazing how simple it really is when I stop kidding myself. In January you and I had an email exchange as to why I was not seeing any progress in my weight loss and you thought I was making too many errors in my tracking and probably just needed to buckle down and forgo the wine and desserts on weekends for a while.

Well it worked! I finally hit my goal weight of 112 lbs (a 6.5lb weight loss) from when I started the current fitness challenge!



If you are ready to dump the diet book merry-go-round, please look at what Leigh has to offer and be ready to do your homework.

I purchased her Fat Loss Troubleshoot along the her website membership. She does not work with fuzzy math, diet trends or gimmicks--she just tells you how it is, the laws of energy, using actual science, not conjecture. She tells you how to get there on a weight loss perspective, how it is really simple but not easy at all.

One thing that has stuck with me is her position that it is important to know how to maintain, eat at your maintenance before you can really start screwing around with doing any cycling, that it is important to take breaks from your deficit and workouts to reset your metabolism in order to prevent long stalls and to be patient with yourself. Leigh is very accessible through her message boards/forum if you are really stuck.


Here's What You Get

Weekly Email Course

You get lessons on calories, training, fashion, sex, lifestyle and more. Weekly courses delivered to your email. Nothing like it at all in FB groups, membership sites, or education anywhere.

Facebook Group

You get access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share links,

Contests & Challenges

Every few weeks there will be challenges and contest that provide prizes to basically encourage to do what you already want to do. Not bad.

If you are not happy within that time, you can request a refund, no questions asked. Since these materials are digital copies, you will be able to keep them. Really, there is nothing to lose and I am at the mercy of your own honesty, not the other way around. In my opinion, that is how I desire it to be as a customer myself. If you have any questions, please contact me instantly. Contact information is below in the footer.


You offer some practical advice and sensible encouragement.

I enjoy your podcasts very much. For me, I just never knew it would matter that much or make such a difference to hear someone say - this is hard, and your body doesn't want to do this and will fight you.

That's the big stand out for me from your many inspiring and motivating messages.



Leigh is a miracle worker.

She provided common sense advice coupled with a completely workable at home plan. I was the leanest I have ever been.



You helped me to achieve one of the things I wanted in life and I will be eternally grateful to you because of that.

The membership is a great value. So much amazing information and so entertaining!

Leigh has really changed my life, she has such a brilliant mind and is not just a fatloss expert, she knows a lot about life and music too and she cares about her members which is unusual in the fitness industry. I have no problem when I want to lose fat now because I know exactly what to do. No excuses. You are AWESOME!



Being a member is fun and I continue to learn a lot from Leigh and the other members.

Leigh's gift is to provide insight and motivation without relying on hype or dogma. I turn to Leigh when I want a reality check on how to reach my goals in body composition and training.

The reason I trust Leigh is that she thinks critically and combines knowledge with a depth of practical experience. She is both smart and good at helping people. I like that Leigh communicates with integrity, directness, and humor. There is no "fakeness" with Leigh.



I'm still a member and plan to be for life.

I lost 38 pounds in 10 months and have now kept 100% of the weight off for 2 years and counting. My pictures speak for themselves, but what made it possible was Leigh's straightforward advice and the invaluable support of Leigh and the community of kind, knowledgeable, and supportive people on the forums.

Every week I gain more knowledge on the forums or through Leigh's podcasts. Thank you, Leigh, for changing my life!