Sizeism – Hate And Ignorance, On Both Sides?


In this industry, you wouldn’t believe the jerks I can come into contact with. Real jerks (male or female) who love to sit on their superior high horse and lecture the virtues of their amazing being. Jerks who must be dealing with shoulder impingements because of the self-promoting glorification they give themselves. Forget basic narcissism and delusions of grandeur, we move into the true illness of Self-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (SOCD). Don’t get me wrong, I know the importance of self-promotion, but there is a fine line between the pride you have in your work, and just being a tool.┬áMy point is, it is easy to be high and mighty about your own anecdotal experiences. It is easy when you have never walked in the shoes of difficulty.

“I can find a job, why can’t they?”
“I can make money, why can’t they?”
“I can lose weight, why can’t they?”
“I can train everyday, why can’t they?”

America is big on the “If I can do it, you can do it!” motto. This is great when we are looking at it through rose colored glasses and transformation photos. This is great, when we are watching a documentary of the outlier making a life for themselves. This is not so great when it is coming from those looking down on you. Be is rippling abs or a congressmen, being in the position of defending your position is hard. More

Pictures Of What Calories Look Like


Over the internet years, people have given a lot of effort in order to provide a reality check about your food consumption. I have given a little more effort to collect their efforts and the end result is a whole truckload of pictures, links and even a POP QUIZ! More

Avocado Banana Freeze Recipe

This amazing summer treat is from the Body By Eats Collection. This can be a great low calorie substitute for ice cream, and it tastes amazing when you add chocolate and pb to it.

A Lesson In The Art Of Maintenance


This article has been recently updated with a few additions. Enjoy.

You may think your life is a never ending fat loss journey. The truth is, if you understand maintenance, fat loss should be a simple and short journey. If you can learn how to nail maintenance, you will learn how to nail fat loss. Intrigued? I bet you are.

What Defines Maintenance?

Maintenance is eating at or close to your days caloric needs. Everyday we expend a certain amount of calories. This can vary based on training, weight, general activity, etc. Eating at maintenance means you are eating your expenditure during an assumed time window (24 hours). More

30-Sec Post-Workout Eats: Protein Pudding

This is the ultimate of easy eats. Better yet, it can make a great post workout snack for the following reasons.

1. It is quick.
2. It digests extremely easy and knocks out PW jitters
3. It has a great balance of fats, carbs, and protein
4. It is gluten-free
5. Did I mention it was easy? More

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