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Body Fat Percentages with Pictures

Image Credit: Noupload

​Do we need to know our body fat percentage?

Technically, there is not a need to know our body fat percentage. While our body fat percentage can provide insights into our health status, simply knowing doesn’t do much to change things. Knowing merely provides amusement, motivation, or a harsh dose of reality.

The Science of Scale Fluctuations

How important is the scale?

​I have had the pleasure of training and consulting with some of the strongest people in the world. Actors, athletes, coaches, doctors, government leaders, models, etc. Put these leaders, these champions, on a scale, and if it doesn’t show the numbers they want, they will weep before your eyes. All because of the scale.

“Starvation Mode?”

How Dieting Affects Us and How to Reverse It

Photo Credit: TheDigitalArtist

Do ​you know what "Starvation Mode" really is?

​Most people think the body flips a switch and no longer allows fat loss. Their explanation for what they can’t explain is that the process just stops working. They say, “The body stores fat instead of burning it!” This is a dangerous line of thinking that has been at the forefront of why we have all of the faulty fads, solutions, and diets we do. ​

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