The Fat Loss Troubleshoot

This book started as a FAQ for people who were having a hard time losing fat. “What am I doing wrong?” is ultimately what this book aims to answer. On it’s 4th edition, The Fat Loss Troubleshoot is without question the book you should own if you are trying to lose body fat.

You’ll learn:

– How energy works in the body
– How macronutrients really affect your fat loss
– The kind of training you should and should not do for fat loss
– What every diet you choose has to achieve in order to lose fat
– How to tell if you are losing weight or losing water
– How to actually maintain fat loss
– How to pick your goal numbers
– Tools to measure caloric burn
– Lessons on meal timing and training nutrition and more…

Starve Mode

“I can’t lose weight no matter what I do.” That’s how and why I started investigating what metabolic adaptation is and how to help my clients. From there it started me down a path of science, helping my clients, and learning what is (and more importantly) what isn’t metabolic adaptation. It isn’t as simple as “reverse dieting.”

You’ll learn:

– Refeeds
– If “Reverse Dieting” is necessary or a fad
– Research about metabolism in aging and other populations
– Plateaus and what they mean
– Detailed research on activity monitors
– Schedules for gaining muscle or not gaining excessive weight during refeeds
– The myths and truths of “fast metabolisms” and more…