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  • Download and fill out the Questionnaire
  • Send your questionnaire to

Download Questionnaire

Body Composition Questionnaire

Click the blue icon above to download the questionnaire to your computer.

Phone/Tablet Users - You must save this to your phone/tablet to edit/add answers.

If you have any problems email:

Need Help With Questionnaire

If you don't have Microsoft Word on your computer, you can easily edit the questionnaire and add your answers using Google Docs.

How to use Google Docs:

1. Open Google Docs: You will have to make a Google account if you don’t have one; this is free to do.

2. Click the folder icon in the upper right corner (when you hover over it with the mouse, the title reads "Open file picker"). This will open a new window.

3. Click "Upload" from the menu tab.

4. Then either drag your Accountability document into the window called "Drag a file here" or click the button titled "Select a file from your device.” This will automatically open the document.

5. Edit document.

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