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What Defines Unhealthy Weight? What Is Too Fat?


I recently put up this article and had a great conversation about the issue of weight basis, sizeism and more on the Fitcast – Pulse. I encourage you to download and check out the new episodes. I will admit, I am hitting my talk limit on this issue,  but was asked an important question for me to close on publicly.

What Defines An Unhealthy Weight? What Is Too Fat?

Unhealthy is a bit subjective and relies on an assortment of events taking place. The type of lifestyle you live can throw positive and negative wrenches in the system. For example, if you are taking part in marathon running on a competitive level, it may leave you more prone to problems and injury being over 22% body fat as a female or 17% body fat as a male. The extra weight on impact is important to consider for the long term athletic goals. The more intense your athletics are, the healthier it is for your body, bones, and joints to maintain a lower body fat level. More

Sizeism – Hate And Ignorance, On Both Sides?


In this industry, you wouldn’t believe the jerks I can come into contact with. Real jerks (male or female) who love to sit on their superior high horse and lecture the virtues of their amazing being. Jerks who must be dealing with shoulder impingements because of the self-promoting glorification they give themselves. Forget basic narcissism and delusions of grandeur, we move into the true illness of Self-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (SOCD). Don’t get me wrong, I know the importance of self-promotion, but there is a fine line between the pride you have in your work, and just being a tool. My point is, it is easy to be high and mighty about your own anecdotal experiences. It is easy when you have never walked in the shoes of difficulty.

“I can find a job, why can’t they?”
“I can make money, why can’t they?”
“I can lose weight, why can’t they?”
“I can train everyday, why can’t they?”

America is big on the “If I can do it, you can do it!” motto. This is great when we are looking at it through rose colored glasses and transformation photos. This is great, when we are watching a documentary of the outlier making a life for themselves. This is not so great when it is coming from those looking down on you. Be is rippling abs or a congressmen, being in the position of defending your position is hard. More

WTF Can I Eat?

[youtube id=”w-uOGdgHhFs” mode=”normal” align=”center” maxwidth=”500″]

(The above video is a satire meant for entertainment and to drop my knowledge of the movie Maximum Overdrive. If you don’t have a sense of humor, don’t watch it. There is a F-bomb; it may not be work safe or suitable for children.)

Lately, a lot of writers have come to me to validate (or discredit) a lot of nutritional information. Leading market publications have asked me to examine the claims against everything from fruit protein powder to just downright fruit. This is mostly because I am vocal about nutritional scare tactics and “research” used to ward off certain foods. My perspective is always one of logical and scientific objection, not fear and paranoia. While everyone has a bias on some level, I do try to find the balance and see all sides of things.

Did You Know?

1. I don’t hate the Paleo diet, I just don’t agree with the technical term or religious dogma that surrounds it.

2. I believe in the use of low-carb diets.

3. One of my good friends runs one of the best crossfit gyms in the country. More

Are Cheat Meals The Wrong Way To Go?

There are a tons of terms tossed around the health and fitness industry in which I am not a fan. All bad or wrong? No, not necessarily. Trust me, some very intelligent people use these types of terms. It isn’t about right or wrong. It is about analyzing what certain terms can do to your overall outlook and reactionary behavior. OCD? Perhaps, but here it is anyway. If you haven’t guessed by now, I feel the term cheat meals is one of them. While I believe the intention is a good one, I feel we could do better to use a different outlook, or at least be very clear about what the term is for. More

Aging Well: Sexy Over 40, 50, 60 and Beyond

This post was inspired by a members comment (featured in the post below) with a trainer telling her, basically, after 20 not to bother with trying to have a tight hot body. I encourage non-members to read the intro in the previous post.

This is a pretty common belief right, what this trainer said? You would think so looking at some of these quotes, even from actors who have all the goods right?

I think the older you get, the harder it is to lose weight. Your metabolism slows down. -Viggo Mortense

Around age 40 I put on twenty pounds. I had always had a perfect metabolism. But, my metabolism betrayed me as it does most people, except a very rare few who will always be thin. – Suzanne Somers

I have given up (on) having the body I had in my youth. I realize it just isn’t possible, so I have to settle for a higher weight, but I have come to terms with that. – Kirstie Alley

Yeah, I call bulls**t on all fronts. In the post below, I talk about everything you need to do in order keep your youth and get it back if you lost it. For everyone else, here are a few observations. More

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