"I Help People Who Don't Know What Else To Do."

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“I would recommend Leigh to anyone who wants evidence-based, informed and perceptive advice. Leigh takes a holistic approach to helping you achieve your goals, whatever they are, and will support you on your journey. I was delighted to have found Leigh through word-of-mouth. And that tells you something; people hugely admire Leigh, and they pass the message on.”

- Suzanne

It's Usually Beyond
Diet & Training 

Do Any Of These Questions Look Frustratingly Familiar?

  • 1
    Can't lose fat no matter what you do?
  • 2
    Having a hard time gaining strength or muscle?
  • 3
    Can't stick to a diet?
  • 4
    Had a period of "crashed metabolism" and don't know how to recover?
  • 5
    Been manipulated by fad training, diets, or solutions to "binging" that don't work?
  • 6
    Making every effort but at the end of the week nothing has been achieved?
  • 7
    Not getting the results you want from your workouts?
  • 8
    Working with trainers or coaches that only care about their agenda?

It's Hard, But It Doesn't Have To Be THIS Hard

Look, changing your body—your life—doesn't have to be this difficult. It is hard work, yes. There is nothing about working with me that is going to provide magical fairy solutions in the sense of "special supplements" or crazy diets. However, it can be magical in that you will actually learn how to work towards your goals in a way that is sane and discover more about who you are. 

“Working with Leigh has forever transformed my entire outlook on nutrition and exercise.
Leigh Peele has the ability to transform people's lives by simply telling the truth. Sometimes it's a harsh truth, but she's able to do it in a way that's educational, yet also compassionate. She tells you the facts about exercise and nutrition, and gives you the tools to help you determine and pursue, but more importantly to achieve your goals.”

- Carrie 

What I Provide

  • Detailed Questionnaire & Goal Sheet: I can't help you if I don't know what you want. I provide an in-depth document for you to fill out so I can know as much as possible in order to help you get what you want out of working with me. 
  • 45-Minute Consultation Call: After I've read your document, looked at your pictures, website, videos, do research, etc., we talk. I make sure we are 100% on the same page and there are no questions left unanswered. 
  • Personalized Q&A: We discuss any questions you have. I will answer them in detail on the phone or via your program document. 
  • Personalized Program: After our phone call, you will receive a custom program document specific to your goals and needs. This will include our plans for the next 3 months together. 
  • Accountability: Depending on your preference or finances, you can choose how much we interact. If you need very little contact, choose the BASIC option. If you need more, choose the PREMIUM option. It's really up to you. 
  • Check-Ins: Depending on how you choose to check-in, you will send me your accountability document and I will provide my thoughts, opinions, photo comparisons, and more about the week and what's occurred. I always do everything I can to make sure you go into the next week feeling as prepared as possible.  
  • Extra Support: There are times when we need more accountability especially if deficits are at play or we are nervous about weight fluctuations. If so, adding nightly texts or email support are always options. 
  • Renewal Options: When the 3 months are up, we have tons of different renewal options for clients who want to stay on board and continue their journey, no matter where it takes them. Bonus? Renewal options are usually cheaper because they don't include the "getting to know you" part. 

“You will learn unexpected things. It is okay to rest. There will be plenty of time in your life, in your months and years ahead to challenge yourself physically. Surrender to Leigh's wisdom and training and trust the process.”

- Etana

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Leigh does not have openings at this time. Join the waiting list or email me if you'd like a phone consult ( support (at ) leighpeele.com). Look forward to hearing from you.

-Katie Nemargut,

Chief Operator of Leighpeele.com

Still Have Questions?

Katie provides the best customer service assistance there is. If you need help with something or are unsure of how things work, simply send her a message and she'll get back to you as soon as she can to help with payment options, answer any questions, or just give you a nice pep talk. 

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