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The Age Of The Eternal Student


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I was a prolific reader when I was a kid. In elementary school, they used to give you these coupons to get pizza if you read required books. You’d sit at what are now considered archaic computers and answer multiple choice questions to prove you know it. When all is finished, you’d have a button and coupon for a pan pizza. I would have read them without the pizza but, incentive via pan crust? C’mon.

At that age, I started having trouble with getting my letters confused and my hands would get tired when writing. I’d leave words out of sentences. I had a problem with pronouncing things, remember names and dates. It wasn’t anything on the level of needing special help. I was still an AG student and did the best I could but I’d have problems with phonics, and certain things took me away from the A+ life.


You Need To Hear This Podcast – Is Live!


There is a lot to cover and I have a tendency to be tl;dr, so here is the condensed version.

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What Is The purpose of You Need To Hear This?

I wanted to change the atmosphere of what you normally hear on lifestyle design podcasts and do something different. The majority of people who teach and educate on becoming a fitter person or “happier” person, often miss out on the actual research and critical thought it takes to be knowledgeable on these subjects. What we often end up having are marketers masquerading as experts. I’m all for being successful but not at the cost of the information. Too often, the people who have something to say aren’t on the platform or audience level desired. We are certainly seeing this play out throughout this recent political cycle.

What makes us happy? What defines success for each of us? More

Lose 8, Gain 8: The Diet Stand Still?


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Is it possible to lose 8lbs and then gain 8lbs  right back and be in a stand still? The same questions can be applied for smaller numbers like 5lbs or 3lbs pounds. How can this be?

The Answer:

This is one of my highest asked questions via email or on the forums. Directly or indirectly, this is a huge topic for most, but especially for women. Women are more concerned with physical number change and less likely to have successful recomps without very specific attention. Though most fitness professionals will not tell you, body recomposition is much harder for women than it is for men. This is taking into account both physical and mental limitations.The scale always has and will be the dictator to the female’s world. As I discuss in the two part series called “Science of Scale Fluctuations Pt1 and Pt2” there are many reasons for an erratic or frozen scale.  I encourage you to read the article in full. More