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55 Fitness Gifts You Will Beg People To Give You

Be it holidays, birthday or anniversary — these gifts are sure to please yourself or others. There is something here for everyone and every price range. If you would like to see something else included in the post, feel free to add it in the comments. More

Unbearable Lightness – Portia de Rossi – Mini Book Review

I wasn’t overly familiar with who Portia De Rossi (now Degeneres) was prior to reading this book. All I really knew was she acted on Arrested Development (brilliant) and single-handedly destroyed 1001 lesbian stereotypes. However, no more than 10 pages into the book, I knew her extremely well. I didn’t know her because of the honest and frank details she was sharing through her writing. I knew her, because she was the spitting image of so many women I work with. More

How To Hire A Personal Trainer

(I did this article over a year ago. It is as true today as it was then, but with a few minor changes and updates.)

I find it quite remarkable how flippant people are about putting their body in the hands of someone they don’t know. I have seen people be more cautious about installation of an air conditioning unit. Before you think about hiring a trainer, you should resolve in your mind how vital it actually is. More

45 of the Best Training And Sports Movies…Ever


The Essence of a Training and Sports Movie

I fussed with this title over and over again. In end I stuck with this because it can span so many aspects. With the best training movies, while the goal of skill is there, the underlining context is equally important. This is why I can put Flashdance in the same list as I do Rocky.

In order to be selected you must abide to a certain formula. The following are just some of the needed requirements in order to be considered an adequate training movie. No, not all must exist in every film, but the ones with the most of these requirements are going to go down in history as the best of all time.

There are a few exceptions for movies that the focus may not be specifically on training, but sports/skill are important and a surrounding basis. More