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Martin Berkhan And Intermittent Fasting: Interview

It has been a few years now since Martin and I did this interview. I am updating it for a few reasons:

1. There are some small additions and specifics Martin has released since the initial interview. I thought readers would enjoy that aspect of it.

2. It was lonely on the old site with outdated graphics. I don’t feel it did it justice.

3. I have a lot coming up in the future about my own approaches with clients that involve fasting and cycling. It makes sense to have this here to point to during those articles.

One More Thing

I want to make something clear, and I don’t do this frequently in the area of nutrition. When Martin and I did this interview years ago, people scoffed at the idea of this protocol. They were caught up in their dogma of meal timing, 5-6 meals a day, and fasting ruining your metabolism. At the time, I remember looking into fasting on small levels and finding the results interesting and not supporting this general dogma. When Martin came along, I was extremely impressed with his level of knowledge on the subject and the depth his goes in his research and anecdotal work.

I have since done a lot of research myself on the subject and anecdotal work. Fasting and their protocols can come in all shapes and sizes, but I do believe there are intelligent and educated methods of applying the application. It has been seen as a taboo in the past, but hopefully people are opening their eyes to critical thinking and research on the subject, instead of wives tales or bad experiences from those lacking educated actions.

So, for those of you new to this or learning about it for the first time, keep an open mind on the science behind what has previously been ruined by fad propaganda. More