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Leigh Peele was born after midnight in a small city in North Carolina. She is certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She went to school and didn’t agree with it (or it didn’t agree with her). Still Leigh managed to read many of the greatest books in the English language. After plowing through years worth of research, Leigh has become an important figure in her field. Leigh loves the unpaved road she's navigated. It's on this road she's learned about life, love, music, and can even give CPR to many a furry and feathered creature. 

Leigh is featured in...

Leigh is featured in...

"I want to surround myself with flawed human beings who are desperate to be more. Desperate to make this world a better place through their actions and example."


Total Daily Energy Expenditure Estimation In Minutes

Curious how many calories you burn in a day? Use our calculator and quiz to get your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) estimation.

Advice and research on nutrition, metabolism, training, and lifestyle. 

Use our calculator to determine your caloric burn, TDEE.


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So I Read This Thing

A Podcast That Takes A Deeper Look At What Myself & Others Read, Watch, Hear, & Do.

Episode #1 - Intros & Explanations
Episode #2 - Research Breakdown
Episode #3 - They Said What?

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