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Leigh's ​Newest Interviews

Stronger By Science Podcast

​​​Changing Your Mind, Internet Arguments, Metabolic Adaptation, and Leigh Peele

​​Sept. 5, 2019


​Greg and Eric also interview Leigh Peele, who tells us about the early days of the evidence-based fitness movement, weight loss, and metabolic adaptation.

​​Metabolism Truths and Myths with Leigh Peele & Corey Robb

​July 17, 2019


​In today’s episode, our very own Corey Robb joined me as a co-host in one of the most enjoyable conversations I’ve ever had with the wonderful Leigh Peele – a nutrition and fitness expert, an author, prominent writer, coach, and a public speaker.

​​Why PTs Should Separate Training & Nutrition Support

March 12, 2019


​In this episode, we welcome back on Leigh Peele to discuss the psychology of weight loss, why PTs should separate training and nutrition when supporting their clients and how to help clients overcome procrastination.

A Sane Approach To Fat Loss & Maintenance

February 8, 2019


​In this episode, Nikki Naab-Levy chats with Leigh Peele about sustainable strategies for achieving fat loss and weight maintenance.

Leigh has a phenomenal way of sifting through the nonsense and providing practical, unfiltered advice so you can start changing your life the way you want.

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