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A Realistic Look at Goal Setting: Introduction

This is the introduction to a series of posts looking at different approaches to goal setting. I am going to touch on everything from fat loss to lifestyle changes.

What do you want?

Goal setting is an important part of your personal transformation. People often have a vision of what they want to achieve but they fail to put a concrete label on it. With a little thought and creative use of words, all goals have the ability to be defined. These goals can be related to your body, mind, career, or relationships. This doesn’t have to speak only to body transformations.

You can learn a lot about someone when you ask them what they want. In daily life, most people don’t come close to forming this kind of relationship with the people they know, even close loved ones. In my work, it is my job to pull that information out of people. I can’t do what I want to do or help people become the best version of themselves without understanding what they want in the first place.

Celebrating Mediocrity

I don’t believe in celebrating average—that isn’t what I do. If you want average results and answers you will not find them here. I don’t celebrate mediocrity. If you think I expect everyone to be a Gap model, you’re wrong. This isn’t about going beyond what genetics can provide. This is about you setting realistic goals for what you want to achieve, and defining those goals in as much detail as possible. What most people normally do is set a subpar version of a goal. People settle, some even give up after years of frustration. They are broken and beat down and decide to accept average as the best they can do. This is how most things go in life; people settle in work, love, and health.

Why do we settle?

I could dive into a pool of clichés right now but instead I will just dip my toe. You don’t have to be a psych major to know that the majority of time people settle in their lives out of fear. Fear can be masked by excuses and procrastination; but regardless of the form it takes, it guides a lot of people’s lives. And even if you can set aside the fear and learn to embrace a mindset change, there is still the problem of “how” to do that. Since I believe not understanding the “how” can lead to even more fear, figuring that out is a big step toward solving the puzzle.

In the upcoming posts you are going to learn:

  • How to assess yourself to determine which goals you need
  • The quickest way to take charge of those goals
  • How to make a life long pattern of continuous goal setting

Song of the post:

images Big Calm is an appropriately titled album. Since I was in the mood for a little chill music, it fit perfectly. If you are thinking of taking stock of your future out on a city night drive, I recommend bringing Morcheeba along.

Morcheeba – The Sea

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